Need help with Susy?

Did you have a layout that you’ve been trying to make with Susy, but just can’t seem to make this work

I know it’s incredibly difficult when you first start out with Susy, because there’s awfully few tutorials online. I want to help build the community around this awesome grid framework.

If you have any lingering questions that are left unanswered for Susy, head over here and tell me everything you want to know.

Alternatively, you can also email me directly.

Organizing Multiple Theme Styles with Sass

Maintaining CSS code on a website with multiple themes can really be quite a handful, especially if there is more than one person working on the project at the same time.

It so happens that one of the projects I’m involved with requires multiple themes, and there is than one person working on the codes. Because of this, I needed make sure that the styles are coded in a way that they’re easy to understand and change.

Here’s an article on my thoughts on organizing theme styles.

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A Sexier Float Label Pattern

Its tough to create forms that are both clean and have great user experience at the same time.

In an effort to make forms look nicer visually, designers and developers have sacrificed usability by replacing field labels with placeholders. I’ve been guilty of that as well.

There has been a new convention lately. The Float Label Pattern introduced by Matt D. Smith for an iOS app spread like wildfire and almost everyone is using it now.

I’ll like to introduce an implementation of my own, and talk about how I came to create this.

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Using Codekit 2 Autoprefixer With Compass

Codekit 2 is a great compiler built for Mac. It helps you to quickly compile languages like Sass without going through the command line.

One awesome new feature in Codekit 2 is the built in support for autoprefixer. Sadly, Codekit 2 currently does not allow the use of autoprefixer with Compass due to technical difficulties.

But not all is lost if you still want to use certain Compass modules with Codekit 2.

I’ve managed to find a way and I’d love to share that with you in this post.

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