Why I stopped blogging, and what do you wanna read about next?

I have only written about Susy since the release of Learning Susy a few months ago. I’ve been working on the update since then and now that it’s finally complete, I wanna move on to a new topic.

There are 3 themes that I’m interested to explore and I’ll need your help in choosing which one to work on.

But first, let me be completely honest to you about my feelings for the past few months.

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A Sneak Peek of Learning Susy!

The new Learning Susy book is almost ready! It’s thanks to everyone who has helped to proofread that I managed to get it up this quickly.

Enough about that.

I’ve been hard at work making some videos for the new book. I wanna give you a sneak peek of the step-by-step video you’ll find in the full package.

Here’s one video of me making 99u’s layout with Susy.

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Mappy Breakpoints, A Breakpoint Mixin that uses Sass Maps

I have been using Breakpoint to handle my media queries for a long time and I have been happy with it. However, during my previous project, I discovered that I needed something more.

Since I was working on rebuilding my starter template for Learning Susy, I went about hacking my own breakpoint mixin that satisfied all my needs. I thought you’d be interested to hear what I came up with :)

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